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Photosession September 1

Photosession September 1

It’s time to choose notebooks, pencil cases, pens, look for unusual white bows and a large, spacious backpack. In most cases, children are happy to gather in the first class and are preparing to meet with something new, unexplored, looking forward to new acquaintances and adventures.

Schoolchildren are older, albeit reluctantly say goodbye to summer vacations, but not without pleasure immersed in the atmosphere of pleasant communication with classmates, preparing new tricks))).

Teachers are reserved with patience, soothing drops))) and they prepare the best dresses in order to meet their students in all their glory on the threshold of the school.

Parents also associate preparation for the new academic year with a bunch of problems that need to be solved in a short time. In addition to stationery and school uniforms, I want to make sure that the child, especially the first grader, remembers his first call. No less reverent towards September 1 and those for whom the coming school year will be graduation.

What will help remember an exciting moment and carry it through the years? Photo will help to capture emotions. To make spectacular shots for the school album, you’ll have to try. But it’s easier to turn to the services of a professional photographer MartPhoto. This will save the parents from additional hassle and will enjoy the moment. And the child will receive bright emotional photo memories.

So, what could be the September 1 photo shoot? First, you need to inform the photographer which school and which class (audience) will be photographed. A good specialist must first examine the premises in order to find out the nuances of lighting. Also inform the photographer about the approximate number of children in the class. And do not interfere in advance to draw up a photo shoot. Determine with whom, when and where you would like to capture the child. This will save your time and improve the result.

If it is a question of the first class, then every detail is important. Ideas for a photo shoot of first-graders can arise simply on the move.

You can arrange a big photo shoot and start simply with morning fees. So the child woke up, folded his backpack, put on his uniform, adjusted his tie in front of the mirror))), corrected the bows))) … Parents should not stay away. Let the mother tie the daughters’ bows, the father teaches the son to tie a tie … If the family has a younger child, let him do a cute leprosy for the first-year student. In short, in the morning gatherings of first-graders, boldly involve all members of the family. Even quadrupeds))).

You can make a few shots in the yard, on the playground. Well, if the road to school lies through the park. If not, plan shooting in a picturesque place after the festive line. In such places you can make beautiful portraits – both first-graders and the whole family.

And so you came to school … Photoshoot at school? Ideas will be? Of course! On the way to school, you can show the photographer to your friends’ classmates who are close to you. This will help “catch” the joyful shots of the meeting after the summer holidays. And you get a few pictures in the style of a children’s photo shoot.

When the celebratory ruler begins, do not run after the photographer, indicating who and what should necessarily “click”. Be sure: an experienced photographer will notice every interesting detail, scant teardrop, fix all the important moments. You just enjoy your grown-up kid, and the photographer MartPhoto make frames with elements of the reportage shooting.

As soon as the children enter the classroom, all parents will immediately take pictures of them for their Instagram-accounts. Do not worry, it will not be a hindrance. Ideally, you can negotiate with the parents of your child’s classmates about how to organize a photo session in class with co-finances. As soon as dads and moms finish “clicking” their children on the mobile and out of the audience, the work of the photographer will begin.

If you do not manage to agree on collective funding, simply warn the parents and the teacher that during the first lesson a professional photographer will work in the class. It will not interfere with the learning process, children will very quickly get used to it, ceasing to notice, their behavior will be quite natural. And at this point, the photographer MartPhoto can take a few snapshots that will grace your school album.

The most popular version of ideas for a photo shoot on September 1 – shooting in a studio in Kiev. It is not necessary to order a photo session on September 1st. This can be done both before and after the first bell holiday. What will be this survey, choose for yourself. Probably, it is best to arrange a family photo session in Kiev and agree on a portrait of a schoolboy. If there are several students in your family, give them by September 1 a children’s photo session in Kiev from MartPhoto.

Do not forget that the first day of autumn is an important date not only for schoolchildren. September 1 will open the doors to a new life for those who are called students. And, of course, the Day of Knowledge is necessarily celebrated in every preschool institution. So malyavki-preschools also claim a gift on this day))).

P.S. An important point – the appearance of the originator of the celebration. Therefore, you should plan a visit to the hairdressing salon not for the day before September 1, but for days after 5. Also make sure that the child is comfortable in new clothes and new shoes…

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