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How to choose a location for a photoshoot

How to choose a location for a photoshoot

For any photo shoot, the interior of the studio plays an important role. Often the scenery of the photo studio becomes a real inspiration for the photographer, and for stylists, and for the heroes of photo shoot. But how to find a good location for a photo shoot and not spend a lot of time on it? MartPhoto takes care of its customers, so it offers spectacular, romantic, extravagant, enchanting locations for photo shoots. And the choice is wide enough.


First, there are two halls in the center of Kiev. Both of them have an area of 60 m², there are different locations. Particularly popular is the aqua zone with warm water. The shooting here does not leave anyone indifferent and is remembered with spectacular frames.

MartPhoto has everything you need to create a comfortable environment. There is a dressing room with necessary lighting, two workplaces, an ironing board and a steam generator, a lounge with soft sofas and a shower. Delicious coffee or hot tea will help to settle on the right way.

In addition, MartPhoto offers the service “Location Selection” – in case you want something special. Locations for every taste and for any occasion … The list of partner locations for a photo shoot is impressive!photo gallery

***Please specify the cost of the photo session in the selected location


Area – 125 m²

The style of the interior is quite obvious, based on the name – Industrial. There are eight different locations and a photo zones. Correct stylistic accents are placed due to individually created designer furniture. For a photo shoot, you can take advantage of the inventory available in the studio. The main advantage of the workshop is the legendary Harley-Davidson!photo gallery


Area – 114 m²

Romance, tenderness and, of course, Love! Perfect place for a wedding photo shoot, love story or photo shoots with newborns. Eight delicate locations are made in pastel colors, complemented by exquisite Italian furniture and designer inventory. A white grand piano over a hundred years old, perhaps, will inspire a minuet? Incredible fireplace will be a good addition to the family photo shoot. And the facade of the house with a balcony will make you feel like Shakespeare’s Juliet.photo gallery



Area – 85 m²

The interior in loft style will help to feel like the master of the world. In such a studio you can make a business portrait. Also you can make a shot in the style of the gangster age – a great idea for a photo version of a bachelor party, don’t you think? Scenery in white color look more gently. They will work well for various business photo sessions and personal shootings. photo gallery


Area – 84 m²
Welcome to the luxury apartments! Mix of classics and modern, warm shades, beautiful design solutions – both in accessories, and in the choice of furniture. Three thematic locations are sustained in one style. A great place for a home photo shoot. Here you can pose with the whole family, in the company of friends or colleagues. The pictures from “The Morning of the Bride” series and a full-fledged wedding photo session will also be spectacular.photo gallery


Area – 85 m²

City of love, romance, gourmets and kings! The interior of the room used a pendant armchair, chest of drawers, bedroom set with a bed, bedside tables, a banquet. Completely all this is the original vases, mirrors, candlesticks, watches and much more that keeps in itself many Parisian secrets. First of all, this is an ideal place for a wedding photo shoot. Also here you will get beautiful shots for a family photo shoot and professional portfolio.photo gallery


Area – 26 m²

For those who are looking for original solutions! The studio is a stairway to an abandoned brick house. The highlight of the interior is the classic red armchair. Despite the “shabby” appearance, the staircase perfectly fits into any photo session. The main thing is a creative approach!photo gallery


Area – 82 m²

The interior uses light colors. Here both chic and brevity: a white bar stand, a luxurious mirror, a chair-throne, decorated with slashes makes a wow-effect, no less the cubes covered with white leather amaze you, and a hanging chair with a leather pillow. This place is suitable for the embodiment of the most daring fantasies. Here you can shoot an amazing photo session and replenish the portfolio.photo gallery


Area – 83 m²

There is everything to capture happiness! Children can not just pose, but play with props. One of the most favorite locations for boys is pirate ship deck, which is supplemented by swords, cannon balls, wooden barrels and much more. Girls will be impressed by the location of “Provence”: a cute sofa, a chair in the shape of a heart, a playground with field flowers, bears … All is for real princesses!

photo gallery


Area – 82 m²

Royal chambers in the Baroque style is waiting for you. Exquisite furniture, impeccable decorations … Golden table, sofa, armchair, four-poster bed, translucent screen … Here even the bathtub is made in the Baroque style. In the studio locations, you can do family and wedding photoshoot, make love story and portraits…photo gallery


Area – 82 m²

Divine beauty! The age of antiquity, conquest, passion, joy and love. The architecture of the times of Ancient Greece and Rome, a snow-white piano, a romantic bed… The heroines of the photo shoot in the style of the boudoir will feel like goddesses or angels. Wedding photo session or “Waiting for a child” shooting will be unusually romantic in the studio. You can go creatively to a family photo session in such locations.photo gallery


Area – 45 m²

The height of the ceilings up to 8 meters and a large window allows you to call this place atmospheric. So, there is enough space for the flight of feelings that will result in extraordinary wedding photos. Brick and wood-clad walls are perfect for dynamic modeling and other filming.photo gallery


Area – 100 m²

10 interior zones, not similar to each other, complement the original backgrounds. And exclusive furniture and other accessories will make spectacular photos of wedding, family photo shoot, business portrait, love stories… photo gallery


Area – 65 m²

Loft-interior with stylish decor and beautiful accessories. Thanks to the three large windows, the hall is flooded with daylight. A cozy bed, soft bedspread, interesting details will play an important role in the photo session done here. photo gallery


Area – 50 m²

A spacious hall with large windows is perfect for wedding, family, children’s and other group photo sessions. 5 interior photo zones are made in calm floral shades. The original accent of a photo shoot in Kiev can be a fireplace, a bed or a large armchair.photo gallery


Area – 55 m²

3 photo zones: turquoise, blue-green, pastel. A bed on pallets, two large windows, a mirror (150 cm), a breakfast table with cups, a LED inscription «Dream» over the bed – perfect for photographing bride’s preparation, love story, boudoir, wedding photo session.photo gallery


Area – 60 m²

4 photo zones in one room, made in light and dark colors. Interior – in a minimalist style, so to speak, laconic romanticism. Light photo areas are perfect for a wedding photo session, contrasting – for children’s.photo gallery


Area – 150 m²

Windows up to the floor, various textures, a glass wall, a watercolor fabric background, a corner of a blossoming French garden, a vintage bench … Romance for light feelings. In a nice French courtyard, you can do a wedding or a family photo shoot, capture a love story, make a spectacular portrait, arrange a children’s photography…

photo gallery


Area – 100 m²

The interior is made according to all the canons of the chosen loft: a living room with a fireplace, a bed, a kitchen, a dining table, a leather sofa on the background of a sliding barn door, a glowing star. The highlight of the hall is the kitchen-transformer. The hall is flooded with daylight thanks to two panoramic windows (3.5×3.5 m). Here you can shoot any photo session in Kiev. photo gallery


Area – 75 m²

The hall consists of two adjacent rooms separated by an arch and made in the Moroccan style. Decorative grilles on the windows speaks about the eastern interior. There is a children’s area. 5 large windows contribute to good natural light.photo gallery


Area – 62 m²

Light zones, wood floor – full compliance with the trendy interior in Scandinavian style. The location of 6 meters wide can not be better suited for shooting at a wide angle. Also there are two wooden textured backgrounds in the hall, a light sofa and a romantic decoration. Suspended bed 1,4х2 m perfectly fits into the “plot” of a family photo shoot, love story and “Waiting for a child” shooting. photo gallery


Area – 95 m²

Noble classics with a fireplace, a soft set of the ХХ century, a month in the clouds, various backgrounds (rustic, local graphic), a zone decorated in a fashionable grunge style. A suitable place for an original wedding and family photo shoot, dynamic shooting and the embodiment of creative photo-ideas.photo gallery

***Please specify the cost of the photo session in the selected location