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Gift certificate for photo session – a charge of good mood

Заказать для фотосессии

Having received an invitation to a holiday, be it a birthday, wedding, family replenishment, housewarming, or something else, a brainstorm begins in search of a successful gift idea. Try to honestly answer yourself, how often do you have enough for a long search? Do not turn away and excuse. Admit it is always easier to give money. It is no secret that many people prefer to stretch the envelope with a certain amount to the hero of the occasion and add a dry “Do not deny yourself anything.”

Realists and pragmatists will see nothing wrong with such a gift. But the true idealists and romantics, among whom many of the fair sex, say categorical “Fi!” And they will be right.

Of course, it is difficult to remember the size, taste, it is difficult to guess the desires … But you can always find a win-win option, which will be an excellent alternative to the “cash prize” in a beautiful envelope. A gift certificate for a photo session can be a good greeting option. Just think: you will not just pleasantly surprise the hero of the occasion, but also make a gift to your wife or girl on March 8 or Valentine’s Day on February 14, giving unforgettable moments and a charge of good mood. That is how, merrily and creatively, MartPhoto photo shoots take place in a comfortable studio in the center of Kiev.

In order to present a “photo session as a gift”, you need to perform only three actions: choose the desired photoset from the options offered by us, pay via online banking or cash to the courier upon delivery, and get a bright and beautiful gift certificate for MartPhoto photography. And your gift to your beloved or beloved for Valentine’s Day on February 14 is ready!

By the way, the certificate can be a great addition to the main gift. For example, you are going to give your beloved woman a refined haute-couture dress. Attach the “Photosession as a Gift” certificate to it – and you will see how happy it is. After all, now she will not have to think about where to put on a new thing to capture it in the pictures, because she will try it out during her own photo shoot.

A similar trick will be held with a bang and with a child – in addition to the long-awaited dog, a hamster cat, a turtle, a rabbit (underline), you can give a photo session in Kiev with the participation of a new family member. And then this event will definitely be remembered forever and will remain in your family photo album. Just imagine how vivid and fun you will remember about the photo shoot and preparing for it a few years later. And it is possible that decide to repeat it with an already grown pet.

On what occasion is it still appropriate to give such a certificate? Yes anyway! For example, your children finish school. This is a landmark event, the boundary between childhood and adulthood. Give them a photo session – a friendly, family-friendly, perhaps romantic … Let the shots made in the photo studio help to keep in mind the feelings, emotions, friends, first love … After all, this will not happen again.

Well, we continue to look for ideas?

Suppose you want to congratulate your family on the completion. You will certainly bring diapers, something from children’s clothes, rattles … Believe me, only the first one from this list is really useful. But you should order a photo session in Kiev, handing the certificate as an addition to diapers – and you will become a beloved family friend. Because thanks to you, they will have the first truly family photo session.

Continuing the theme of the most dear to people, I would like to offer to give a certificate for a photo session to those whom you so rarely see because of the daily turmoil. Parents will surely be happy with the chance to share with you the cares associated with preparing for a photo shoot, and enjoy the company during the filming. Believe me, these pictures will give warmth and goodness all my life!

How often we try to compensate for the lack of ourselves for loved ones with something material. Do not pay off! Buy something that pays off handsomely. A gift certificate for a photo session will be a spiritual gift, show your care and love, give pleasant memories and unforgettable emotions.

You can choose a photo session as a gift by clicking here. You can also order a photo session by phone: +38 (067) 011-92-11